Road Safety Support Foundation joined the Association of Ukrainian Philanthropists

Road Safety Support Foundation, has officially become a member of the Association of Ukrainian Philanthropists. The Board of Directors of the Association has approved this decision at the meeting on the 16th of December 2013. The parties have committed to work together towards improving the road safety situation in Ukraine and reducing the number of road deaths and injuries. During the meeting Yegor Kalashnikov, Chairman of the Board of the Road Safety Support Foundation and Oleksandr Maksimchuk, President of the Association of Ukrainian Philanthropists, discussed the possible ways of cooperation. The partners agreed to focus their joint efforts on public education campaigns, especially for young people and children, as well as post-crash response. The Association of Ukrainian Philanthropists has previously initiated project on supplying equipment to the trauma departments of the Ukrainian hospitals and is interested in engaging with the Road Safety Support Foundation and other partners to enhance the results.

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